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Kitchen Remodeling Project

Day 6

Day 6 Dinner


Day 7

Day 7 - Microwave shelf.

Day 7 - Pass Through

Day 8  - Framing

Day 8 - East End & Island

Day 8 - Small counter

Finger Joints in Drawers

Day 9 - Island & Stool

Day 9 - Opening for Range

Day 9 - Crown Molding

Day 10 - Lights!

Day 10 - Pantry Shelving

Day 10 - Refrigerator

Day 11 - Functionally done!

Day 11 - Sink

Day 11 - Range

Day 11 ....

As he promised, Frank worked Saturday to get me into the kitchen. He figured out how to better install the sink (he was having trouble with the provided 'clips' that held it into the counter) so he removed Friday's work and re-did it. The plumbing went in, the disposal went in, the dish washer works, and we pushed the range into place, leveled it hooked up the wiring and plugged that baby in. The first think I did was wash some dishes. We were getting really tired of using dirty cups! 

Today Kelly helped me move the old refrigerator out to the front porch- (it's free to anyone who will come haul it off!). I won't move into the drawers and cabinets until Frank installs the hardware. There are a few other details to complete, but I can count them one one hand now. I expect he will finish those up tomorrow, do a bath counter on Tuesday and be 100% done. Monday the Culligan man will also come hook up the RO filter. I will return the microwave that has a fan knocking on something.

This might be my last report on the progress. If any of you plan this kind of project, I have lots of advice now. First and foremost is find a great carpenter like Frank to do the work. He has truly put his heart into the project, charged a very reasonable hourly rate, and done a magnificent job. No detail was too slight to be overlooked and perfection was simply a matter of fact with him.